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A roguelike in the spirit of Nethack, explore the dungeon underneath an Italian villa in the 15th century. The condottiero Perin Nazana has gone mad, locking himself in his massive dungeon containing vast treasure and deadly foes.

Build your character and adventure through over 30 levels.

Who are you?

Live your character's life before your journey into the dungeon. Choose a background and stat, then live your character's life 5 years at a time. Follow the path of a peasant turned soldier, or choose a life of contemplation and prayer. Be a craftsman, an alchemist, a knight, an inquisitor. Your choices decide your skills, and your skills protect you through the dungeon!

What do you do?

Choose your approach. Kill any in your way, or charm your way through the dungeon. Craft deadly potions as an alchemist, convert hostile foes as a priest, or bribe those foes as a merchant. Gather a group of protectors or finish it solo. Use magic, might, charm, or money to reach Perin!

What's to come?

More monsters, more loot, more magic! In short, more content and challenges to overcome.

The current version of the game is an "alpha" version: beatable, nearly feature complete, somewhat untested. This is currently a Windows only game, though macOS and Linux are certainly possible in the future.

Hardware requirements

  • A PC built in the last 20 years
  • A keyboard and mouse
  • A recent version of the .NET runtime

Special thanks

Tiles by Kenney.nl
Built using the RogueSharp and SadConsole libraries


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tenebrae-et-mors-alpha-0.2.zip 12 MB
Version 7

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Is there a list of controls for the game? I'm not familiar with ASCII roguelike controls.

If you type ‘?’ while on a dungeon screen, you’ll get the controls list. There’s also a “keys.config” file in the game directory where you can change the keys to whatever you like. It’s just a text file, so you can open it with Notepad or another text editor.

One thing I know that isn’t obvious from reading the key list is that you can attack a hostile monster by walking into it.

Adding an in-game key setting configuration is on the to-do list. Thanks for giving the game a go!

Greetings, gym. I would like to know one thing about this roguelike. Does it work with 32-bit Windows systems? I happen to have an older laptop (32-bit Windows Vista) and I hope to potentially run this game on my machine.


Hi, Asin. After a bit of research, unfortunately I don't want to claim support for Windows Vista as the last .NET version on Vista was 4.6. One of the libraries I use, SadConsole, requires 4.6.1! Here's the official MS .NET requirements matrix: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/get-started/system-requirement...

Having said that, .NET 4.7.1 (the version the game currently targets) may work on Vista anyway. I don't have anyway of confirming this, though.

As for 32 vs 64 bit, the game should run on either. Sorry for the bad news, but thank you for checking out the game anyway!

Thank you for your response. I may not be able to play, but I hope others enjoy it. Is there a place where information is collected about the game, such as a wiki, yet? Perhaps if such a place exists, I will get my Tenebrae et Mors fix from gaining knowledge about the monsters and weaponry and the like.

Keeps crashing after character creation/selection :(

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Sorry to hear. Are you playing 0.1.13? And it happens for both the premade and user made characters? If you go to the game folder, then drill down to the "Data/Save" directory, are there files in there?

One possibility is that you either don't have .NET installed (not likely since the game wouldn't run), or you need to be on a more current version. Locally I have .NET 4.7.2 installed. You can get the runtime from Microsoft: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net472 Just one idea!

Going forward from version 0.1.14, which I just uploaded, the game should generate a 'debug-log' file in your game folder if/when your game crashes. I'll figure out a way to share this file with me, probably just by emailing it.

Hey, very cool concept!

If you meant to use Latin though, 'death' in nominative should be Mors, not Mort.

Good luck in your dungeoneering!

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D'oh! Looks like even the title is in alpha! Oddly enough I got it right on the banner for this page and in game. Just messed up my URL.

Tileset is cool too, BTW. The sort I personally like in roguelikes the most, simple and effective.
Though now there are people who can develop and play 3D (sic!) roguelikes... Unthinkable!

Thank you, though I take no credit for creating the tileset. That was done by the fine people at kenney.nl