Alpha 0.2.13: New branch and monsters

This week I've added a new late game branch, a handful of new monsters, and some new visual effects.

The Palace of the Fates is the new branch that spawns fairly deep into the dungeon. Notably this is a "static" branch, unlike all the rest, meaning that the floor layout will be the same every game. This let me try my hand at a different kind of dungeon designing, which I enjoyed quite a bit, and I think you may as well.

With a new branch comes some spawn reshuffling and new monsters. Fairies now only spawn in the new branch, and I've added a couple new fairy types as well: the Squasc and the Mazapegol. Like the more generic "fairy", these tricky creatures can drop artifacts and a ton of gold, but are also powerful magicians. The new branch also features a new boss, which if you don't know anything about the fabled Palace of the Fates, then I won't spoil anything.

I also added a new type of ghost, the Pandafeche, which actually takes the roll of the generic "ghost" enemy. The "ghost" monster is still around, but it's a bit more dangerous.

Finally, I've added a generic "demon" monster. These are late-game enemies that can cause all kinds of trouble. They can cast spells, spawn cursed items, attack you with their claws.. just generally nasty creatures.

As always, thanks for downloading and playing!

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Version 13 Oct 11, 2019

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