Alpha 0.2.3: traps, infighting, monster mods

Greetings! Here's this week's update.

  • Implemented a trap system and added a couple trap types to the map generator. The current traps a pretty basic: an arrow trap and a "sealed room" trap, where the room gets partially sealed off. The "mechanics" skill is now used for detecting traps in addition to lock picking.
  • Added a new tool, the mattock. Use this tool to remove walls.
  • Added a new "infighter" behavior, which has monsters wanting to fight other monsters in addition to fighting you. A new "knight" monster has this behavior, and the new "raging" monster mod adds this behavior to monsters, too.
  • Added a bunch of monster modifiers, similar to item modifiers. You should now occasionally see monsters with prefixes like "oversized", "lame", "devout", etc. These modify monster stats, skills, and behaviors.

I also made a handful of other small tweaks and fixes. Enjoy!

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Version 3 Aug 30, 2019

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