Alpha 0.2.14: New spells and creatures


Here's this week's update:

  • Added two new spells - Polymorph and Shape of Gata Carogna. Polymorph is a fantasy staple, and in this game it transforms your target into a new, randomly selected creature from the spawn list. Shape of Gata Carogna is a shape shifting spell that gives your character strength, dexterity, and bash bonuses.
  • Added two new monsters - Spina de Mul and the iaculo. Spina de Mul is a mythical sorcerer from Ladin legends. He carries the gem Rajëta, which in this game has the ability to pacify any creature. The iaculo is a serpent that launches itself like a javelin to attack.
  • Added a book of random spells, tweaked the spell book/scroll spawn rate


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Version 14 Oct 20, 2019

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