Alpha 0.2.7: A month on!

After a month on, I have to say I'm very pleased with the response I've received. Thanks again to everyone for downloading and playing! On to the alpha 0.2.7 update:

  • Cut the main dungeon floor count from 30 to 20. Overall the total floor count will remain the same because...
  • Added a new branch: Kobold Cavern and increased floor count on all the other existing branches. Going forward this will be the strategy for adding more levels and level variety. Look for more themed branches in the future.
  • Diversified Kobolds a bit. They can spawn as workers, soldiers, scouts, and veterans.
  • Added a new boss to the end of Kobold Cavern
  • Tweaked the spawn tables to correspond with the new floor counts
  • Added new throwing weapons: war darts and throwing axes.
  • Various bug fixes for traps, potions, vault spawning, item dropping...

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Version 7 Sep 11, 2019

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